Feature Comparison

 Feature Our Service Grounds Keeper Pro
Does not require installation X  
Accessible from any Web Browser X  
Support for multiple business locations X  
Buy/Sell/Trade your equipment with other members X  
Customers can view their bill online X  
Customers can pay online X  
Email Bills/Invoices/Notices to customers X  
Automatically Back-up data X  
Manage Payroll X X
Manage customers/contact info X X
Maximum Customers Unlimited 10,000
Digital Security 128 bit (SSL) 8 or 16 bit
View/Print Customer Invoices X X
View/Print Bills X X
Print Mailing Labels X X
Your logo on Bills/Invoices X X
View late-paying customers X X
Charge Late-Payment Fees X X
Schedule jobs according to the weather X  
Built-in Scheduler X X
Auto-Schedule regularly occuring jobs X X
Job costing estimates X X
Job Routing X X
PC Compatible X X
Mac Compatible X  
Unix Compatible X  
Linux Compatible X  
Rate-Change notification sheet X  
End-of-service notification X  
Email invoices and statements X  
Integrates with your existing web site X  
Pre-Season Reminders X  
Post-Season Thank You's X  
Integrated maps and directions X  
Chat online with your customers X  
Your Cost: $8.99/mo.
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