Pricing is very straight forward.

No Risk
We do not charge any late or hidden fees. There are no gimmicks or strings attached - you pay on a monthly basis. Should you decide that does not fit the needs of your business, you may simply stop paying. Your records, customer information, income information, etc. will not be removed from our system. That way, if you decide to use our service again in the future, you can simply pay the monthly fee (without extra charge) and pick up where you left off.

For example: Joe owns his own landscaping business in Buffalo, New York. In his business, he only performs the duties of lawn maintenance, such as grass mowing, aeration, fertilization, etc. Because of the climate, Joe only cuts grass from April to October. Since he does not do holiday lighting, snow removal, etc., he may opt to simply not pay the monthly fee for 5 months (from November to March). In April, when he starts cutting grass again, he can pay the monthly fee and gain access to his records once again.

Fixed Fees
With, the monthly fee will never increase. Upon enrollment, whatever the price is at that time, is what you pay each month. Should our monthly fee increase, it would only apply to new enrollments.

For example: If, when you enrolled, the monthly fee was $5.99/mo., you would pay $5.99/mo.
If, 1 year later, our monthly fee was increased to $6.99/mo., you would still only pay $5.99/mo.
If you referred someone who enrolls after the price was increased to $6.99/mo., they would pay $6.99/mo. (you would still pay $5.99/mo.)

How much does it cost?
The current monthly fee is only $8.99/mo..
By enrolling now, you will lock in that price - it will never increase.

With your enrollment, you get a 30-day risk-free trial.

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