Customer Testimonials
If an admin sees this, I am using another account and have paid the payment twice with paypal and once with a different account yet I can not get into my acct. which contains all customer info which is desperately needed.
-- James (Simple Solutions Lawn Care), Eastside Lawncare, 11/05/2015
Be sure to check out for information on how this service keeps going offline leaving its users stranded for hours-days with no access to their customer data.
-- Mike, Eastside Lawncare, 10/30/2015
I hope someone from the website sees this. I have another account with you guys. I have the information of over 300 customers on it. I have made this months payment 3 times through paypal and it is still asking for payment. It is preventing me from logging on. i need to access my account otherwise i will loose every single customer i have acquired over 5 years. please contact me through this account
-- Steven, Owner, Mosquito Man Lawn Care Division, 10/26/2015
Awesome website makes billing customers alot easier than using other software. I have tried many others but has been super easy to learn and use
-- Barry, Owner, Lawn Shark LLC., 9/28/2012
I have a pool cleaning company with 30 regular customers and over 100 jobs a month. I could not find any billing and scheduling software made for the pool industry that fit my needs. One day I happened upon this software. I did a free demo, and have been using it for six months. It does a fantastic job of keeping track of my billing. I wish it did a few other things in regards to route assignments but overall I have been very happy with this product. I have recommended it to many of my friends for their small businesses. One of the things I like best about it is the ability to email estimates, invoices and statements from within the program. My only critique is that you cannot read the email once you send it (unless you send a blind copy to your own email). I hope some of these will improve in the coming months, but again, I am very satisfied!
-- Matt Clark (owner) The Pool Scrubbers), Owner, The Pool Scrubbers, 7/19/2012
We have used PRO-MOW Lawn Services for several years now! The employees are friendly, courteous, and polite. Our Lawn is kept well manicured by these Professionals. We like the fact that this is a Family Owned and operated business. When Pro-Mow pulls up in front of our home, We know we can expect them to provide top quality service at a affordable prices. Pro-Mow , also maintains a Professional image, so we are not embarrassed to have their trucks and equipment sitting in front of our home, while they are performing their Job. Ken & Emma
-- Ken & Emma, Owner, PRO-MOW, 4/12/2012
Landscape billing has been great. They have had a couple of issues but they were outside their control and the fixed the issues extremely quickly. It has saved my company about $70.00 a month in supplies as well as saved me time. Thanks guys for all your help. Love your product.
-- Robert, Owner, RLB Lawn Care, 6/06/2011
It is hard to find a billing software that works for a landscaping company believe me I have tried everything. The best thing about this software is when I got it there was no way to print multiple statements, well guess what less than two weeks after requesting this it was done. In my opinion this software is second to none and I look forward to using it for years to come.
-- Aaron, Owner, Southern Lawn Care, 12/24/2010
After using this site for quite some time this testimonial is long overdue, I was ready to sing it's praises shortly after signing up. This site has without a doubt made running our business much smoother and more convenient. I could not begin to list all of the beneficial features it has from estimates, to invoices, to letter writing tools, records sales tax, allows customers to pay online and so on. Aside for the professional edge it gives my business the site administrator is wonderful to work with. Anytime I've ever had a question he responds very quickly and isconstantly updating the site to make it more convenient for his users and coming up with things I never would have thought of but love. Recently our hard drive bit the dust and we lost EVERY program we had. The repair shop said we were lucky that we use a third party website or all of our records would have been lost. LMS saved the day! From it's crazy good price to it's features this site is the way to go!! Now sign up, what are you waitin
-- Heather, Owner, Russell Landscape Services, 4/30/2009
I think I am one of the originals to sign on to this software, and i just wanted to take 5 min and write to you and say how much this has improved since the start of it. This is working out great for me and my business. Keep up the good work, I am impressed by the day with this program. THANK YOU, JEFF MERCER BJI LANDSCAPING
-- Jeffrey, Owner, BJI Landscaping, 4/14/2009
“We love our new landscape Mike and his crew created for us, we were amazed in how smooth the project went and how hard they worked to create the landscape of our dreams. Thank you very much.” - R. Canivaro Marion, Ma.
-- Michael, Owner, Tendre Touch Landscaping, 3/19/2009
Total lawn and Tree has been my lawn care provider for 4 months and I have been impressed with the customer service and my lawn is in the best condition it has ever been in!!! Thank you Tom and your crew for all your help! Tiff
-- Tiffany Goodson, Owner, Total Lawn and Tree, 9/07/2008
This system is awesome. I love the ease of most all of the functions. I also like the customers being able to pay online. It is overall a real good system. I look forward to the new and exciting updates. The help department is also real good. They answered my questions in a timely manner. Thanks for all you have done and all you do.
-- Tommy, Owner, Edge to Edge Lawn Maintenance, 6/13/2008
LB is so AWESOME, my wife spent hours creating sheets on office. THIS IS THE BEST SO FAR!! I would like to see something added: When creating the invoive, the option to select which worker for the job would be nice and a COOL option. This is because in my corporation I assign SMALL task and jobs to a one man all the time.
-- MARCUS, General Manager, R & R LAWN CARE SERVICE, 5/12/2008
I was having a problem with the site and the tech helped me out. He got me up and running in no time. What an awesome company and service provider!
-- Mark, Owner, Patriotic Lawn Care and Ground Maintenance, 4/30/2008
After looking around for the best way to accept online payments for my customers I chose LMS because it looked like it was one of the best. The first time I sent out invoices with the option to pay online I got so many compliments from my customers thanking me for the convenience. LMS also saves me office time because I can create and send an invoice in about a minute, giving me more time to focus on tasks that actually make money. What’s even better is it has greatly reduced the time from invoice date to payment date, often I am paid the same day customers receive their invoice via email! Thanks LMS!! - Steve Koep, Owner, Image Property Service LLC
-- Steve, Owner, Office Manager, 1/20/2008
If you are looking for a great way to manage your multiple accounts this program is just what you need! Easy to use with new features being added to better serve my customers. I have tried others and LMS is cutting edge. I can manage my work from any computer. You will not be disapointed. You have nothing to loose by trying. Thanks LMS Ed
-- Ed's Lawn Care Service, Owner, Edward Wunderer, 6/26/2007
Excellent sales/invoice management system for the landscaping industry. Allows client to view, print and pay their bills online or e-mail the bill. Technical support is always responsive!
-- Greg, Owner, GrassMaster Landscaping LLC, 6/10/2007
I have been using this service for just over a month now. This is very easy to use and even easier to learn. I have tried other management software that is supposed to be designed for landscapers, however nothing really compares to this service. I haven't set up the customer center yet, but I feel the ability of my customers to pay online and check their accounts will certainly be a plus for my business. Great job putting this together. Thank you.
-- Louis, Owner, LJB Finest, Inc., 5/16/2007

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